Activity 2022‑10‑24






Winter 2022 USA


FC Sambita - Lokomotiva 1:5 (0:3)
Harvest Cup 2022 - semifinals - field 5

The game was on Monday morning, a regular work day. So many players did not show up and we played only 10 whole match.


Not only my blisters became super painful, but I was also tired from playing three games in the previous days. They have been much better because they had 11 players (we only had 10) and also tons of subs (we had no subs). So this was pretty much impossible to do anything.

Yet we still played a few nice actions but did not score a goal in the game. The only goal was when Chris created a penalty in the box and Oscar scored. I had one chance too after Oscar passed me in the middle, there were only two defenders ahead of me, but I was damn tired so I could not run faster. Therefor my shoot was blocked.

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