Activity 2022‑10‑30






Winter 2022 USA


Korona Eagles 40 vs D-1 FC 40 - 0:7 (0:2)
SUASL Soccer Game (regular season, round 6)

victory, me 1 goal


My blisters from the last week's Harvest Cup tournament were still bad, but I decided to come to play anyway. When I put my cleats on, I started much regret this decision:)

While I was still warming up, Max, a Ukrainian guy who played for Michalovce, scored the first goal. Then I went on the field, but refused to play forward, but played central mid instead. I had a lot of balls and I made a lot of great passes. One of the passes went on left-winder Mike, who scored the goal from the edge of the box.

Second half I continued to play central mid without subbing. Chris found me in the middle, I made a very good first touch with my left leg and shot from the 25m distance excellent goal right under the bar. It was a really nice goal. But we scored more: Max scored two more (3 total), Mike score one more (2 total), and also Charlie got a goal:)

But then we start to play stupid. For example, Mike could pass me and I will go alone on the goalie, but he decided to do a long cross on the other side. Or when their goalie was out of the box and Max get a ball, he could have passed me and I will literally run on the empty net (no offside!), but he took a long shot from the middle of the field instead, which happened to be a lame one. At this stage, I rather decided to sub and went home to jump into the icy cold pool for regeneration.

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