Activity 2023‑01‑31






Winter 2022 USA


Shockers at Bafana (final)
won 8:5, me 3 goals

My left hamstring was still not good, but I decided to play anyway since it was the final game!

We played well as a team and Chad in the goal made a lot of great saves!

Cold pool (5 min) upon home arrival


The game started very tactic and it was 0:0 for a long time. Then Grey and Chris scored goals, so we were winning 3:0. I think halftime was 4:1. I did not play particularly well the first half.

In the second half I scored the 3 goals in a row, but over a bigger span of time. Firstly Alex found me and I scored into the half-empty net. Then I made individual action and hit it well into the top right corner. Then we took a "break" and got many goals after our mistakes. From 6:1 we went into 6:5!

Grey gave me a good pass into a run and with a bit of luck, I scored our very important 7th goal. Johnny added the last one, so we won 8:5 and became ASC Champions!!

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