Activity 2022‑11‑06






Winter 2022 USA


Four Peaks Brewers 40 vs D-1 FC 40 - 2:2 (0:0)
SUASL Soccer Game (regular season, round 7)

tie game, me 2 goals

Left leg blister healed. The right leg blister is still bad and painful. Cannot wait for a soccer game without blister pain. I think the grass would be burning under me:)


Four Peaks was our current league-leading team, so the game was important and nervous from the beginning. Very tactic. No big scoring chance happened in the first half, or at least I do not remember any.

In the second half, I scored the first goal from the rebound of Max's shot. I thought I was offside, but obviously not and the goal was allowed. A few minutes after Erick made a good run on the right side all the way to the final line, he attached two or three defenders on him and maybe even the goalie. But at the very last moment, he found me with a nice back pass, which I shot from the first one right under the crossbar. There was a defender in the net trying to block my shot, but it went over him.

So we were leading 2:0 with my two goals and I really believed we are going to win. But then one bad goal kick and it was 2:1. They start smelling blood and did not take long to tie the game 2:2. At the end we even been lucky, because Lui (GK) disallowed their clear chance and put it in the corner kick.

I played the whole game as a central midfielder. In the end, I was quite tired. We were mourning after the game because we could easily win. But then when we start drinking beer and we turned it into a celebration:)

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