Activity 2023‑02‑05






Winter 2022 USA


D-1 FC 40 - Korona Eagles 40 7:2 (3:2)
SUASL Soccer Game (spring season; round 3)

won, me one goal and one goal pass

My hamstring is still not good, but I promised to play, so there we go. It was better than last week (2023-01-29), but still not good. I need to give it a rest for one or two weeks.

Cold pool (5 min) upon home arrival


Again I was late and with Charlie, we could not believe what was happening on the field first few minutes. We got two goals in a brief period, and it looked like a disaster.

But then Mike scored his goal, but get injured during that, and that's how I get on the field. The first half I did not do much, but I made one pass to Trent who ran all the way to the goal.

Second half was better, but I missed quite lot of chances, at least 4 if I remember correctly. But then Chris passed me in the box and I scored at least one goal, which made my mood much better. Not bad considering I was playing with the pulled hamstring.

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